Ivana tarot cancer january 2019

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I wish them well!


Hope they find peace! You are a asset and a blessing! May you receive your divine inheritance of plenty and infinite abundance for you and your family!

I wish blessings for my brothers and sisters whether they are Scorpio are not!

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Thank you always Sis. Thank you for the read! No matter the pull! I left this alone almost 2yrs ago! I will leave it there The universe has the answer!

I know we are attached So they a ghost!!! I need a new sign..

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Scorpio got caught out lying in court - Scorpio is terrified of facing perjury in court in Cancer is fake king and just a page - lol. Capricorn is all over my reading All will be as the universe and God plans it to be.

Wow this is so connected to the Taurus reading! Thank you for your read. Everything you said resonated. His coming back after I walked away and wants to talk Christmas Eve, he has put me in a 3rd party situation and I am not taking his crumbs no longer and he knows it..

Figuring It Out, Scorpio!

Top 50 Astrology Youtube Channels Winners

Scorpio - Who's this new love? Dec 20 into Jan The more you deny them the more they want you. Hi there - This is like a bookend to the month's love reading s - it's a recap of what's happened in the month prior but also takes a look at something unexpected Personal readings not available just yet Hi there - This is about reconnection, whether it's with an ex or current partner that you've felt.

~Cancer~ 💔THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE💔 January 2019 tarot

I have adapted the spread from I hope you enjoyed the video. Truth Well Told Tarot provides General monthly and weekly general tarot readings.

Scorpio January The Pull Is Great

I appreciate and welcome all your Likes, To book a private reading please check out my website: For inquiries you can email me at: Hi Cancer Thank you for your patience with the technical difficulties here.

I had to keep going despite that, though, lol. Hey everyone thank you so much for watching! If it resonated please let Carols Universe Tarot Readings Instagram: Personal Readings are by Video Only. My email is queenfredatarot gmail. I'm planning on going live for the yearly reading soon!

Peace and love to each and every Happy New Year cancer! This is your Tarot forecast and intuitive messages for This reading will apply for sun moon and rising sings in cancer. Extended Video here Emergency Readings Only! This is a general reading which means it may or may not resonate with you.