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December is a month of increased clarity in your home life or with living conditions and arrangements, as well as forward movement in your romantic life. There is a strong focus on both work and play this month, and this is a nice change with work a strong force in your life, sometimes to an excessive level.

Recreation, romance, creativity, hobbies, and children can be sources of increased pride, and involvement in these areas of life rises now.

Leo Horoscope - Love

A satisfying work-life balance is entirely possible now as you pay your work and personal life their due attention. Even so, at times this month, you may feel a little divided between keeping things light and fun or going in deep.

Mars has been moving through your sector of intimacy and shared resources since mid-November, stirring things up. With Venus moving into your solar fourth house on December 2nd, you're in a better position to straighten things out and resolve conflicts related to money, support, and power dynamics.

Today/Tomorrow Tarot

The , , and 24th can pull up frustrations getting what you want and possible confusion in a relationship. Watch that you don't push something too hard or become your own worst enemy on the and when your desires seem to clash with your current plans. Competitive or frustrating elements in your relationships may also surface now.

Your better days for resolving problems are the , , and Mars in your zone of transformation and intimacy can animate close relationships, and it can also inspire you to take action on securing financial support.

With continued emphasis on your work and health sector, this transit can also push you to make profound, lasting lifestyle changes, perhaps through quitting a bad habit, especially around the Unhealthy dependencies need to go!

Mars here can intensify your emotions and turn your attention to the hidden or deep elements of your life.

More Tarot Readings

It's an important process that shouldn't be rushed or undervalued, but it does seem to keep you working behind the scenes. You might seek out support for a project or clinch a deal now. Venus moving through your home and family sector virtually all month softens any rough edges around the home.

Even so, the month can begin a little sluggishly in this regard with Mercury recently retrograde in your romance and creativity sector and heading back into your sector of home and family, turning your attention to a household or family matter that you previously thought to be resolved.

Delayed initiatives can reawaken after the 6th. News can arrive that moves you forward, or you finally get a chance to put a project into motion. The 21st intensifies the work and health theme.

You'll be focusing on building skills, improving your daily routines, and ditching bad habits. This theme develops more fully in January. Even so, shortly into this work-focused cycle, a Full Moon occurs on the 22nd , reminding you to pay special attention to rest and spiritual nourishment. If you've been overworking or forgetting to attend to your emotional health, this lunation will encourage you to slow down and balance things out.

Thanks to the Sun being your ruling planet, you are confident about yourself to the point of being in love with yourself.

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today

The Moon in your own sign today, will not allow you to change any opinion that you may have formed recently about someone or something, even if that involves the inconvenience of others. Once you have decided to go ahead with some plan, the others had better follow.

Wearing something in olive green may bring you peace. Click here for a more personalised reading. While you are energetic and passionate about your work and always willing to help your co-workers; you can also be a little dominating, wanting to get your way with them.

The Moon in Virgo, may ruffle your feathers today as some opponent or enemy could have disagreed with your suggestion. This can leave you agitated. Let this moment pass, as anger can reduce your decision-making ability.

Try and reach some sort of compromise or step over to their side and see from their point of view. Maybe there is some sense in their suggestion. If you have anything important to do, plan it between 4: Off white color will transmit positive vibrations for you.

Although you are blessed with great stamina and energy, you need to get a lot of exercise since you put in all those long working hours. You need to be kept stimulated with thrill-seeking activities Leo, and to participate in it, you need to be physically able.

It is therefore very necessary for you to be up and about all the time. The Moon in Virgo, today, may make you feel indisposed and this could make you unhappy. You may be having some sort of insecurity about your finances which could be acting as a dampener to your spirit. Email me to consult and figure out what will work for your needs.

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I'm going to have to read this about a thousand times.


Thanks so much Jenna! It was very accurate. I experience Jenna to be a multi-dimensionally grounded wise and skilled professional offering a rich blend of knowledge, intuition and wit. I would love to come alongside you in your life journey.