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Canadians burning the White House during the War of actually, it was the British. Taken separately, Chaos with the Moon could indicate serious health issues this year, crises which disrupt and throw Trump off balance; this could also manifest as a sudden and unsettling alteration in domestic arrangements such as an unexpected move from one form of public housing, Pennsylvania Avenue, to another, a federal penitentiary.

Emotions are subject to extremes and wild fluctuations this year, and can be the root of much of the outer turmoil that manifests itself, as well as a response to the havoc that is largely self-created. Also with the Sun is asteroid Osiris at 22 Gemini, named for the Egyptian god of the dead.


This signals a major transformation of some sort, an end point or transition. Stationary bodies exert an influence disproportionately greater than their normal effect. This year Damocles at 27 Aquarius is again involved; it lies in the wake of Roberts, indicating from what quarter the doom will fall. Similarly, last year Russia was also in a pivotal position, closely conjoined the Midheaven.

Roberts stations retrograde on June 21 st , eight days after the SR; Russia stations direct on June 3 rd , ten days before. In an earlier era, this combination of Russia, Rhadamanthus and Rip might give pause to someone who had colluded with Russia, and was facing the ultimate penalty for treason, but the death penalty was abolished on the federal level in This is so apt it beggars description!

Lie and Mueller have been in an extended conjunction for quite some time, traveling together within ten degrees from April through April with a few short breaks to an degree orb, as is the case here. This represents a timeframe when Mueller is completely immersed or enmeshed in dealing with issues of truth and falsehood; it becomes an unavoidable fact of life.

And amazingly, throughout this period, there has been only one day on which the two came together at the exact same degree — May 22, , just five days after Mueller was appointed Special Counsel! But as noted above, this polarity is not only the driver of the Kite, it is also an important element of the soli-lunar Grand Cross, combining with squares to asteroid Troemper at 25 Virgo and TNO Borasisi at 23 Pisces.

Troemper is of course our celestial referent for Donald Trump; its close square to Mueller vividly portrays the basic conflict between them.

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Borasisi is another point that resonates to lying and deceit, often in a political or quasi-religious, almost cult-like context. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but this little tyke seems none to pleased to be kissed by the leader of the free world. The MC is the most elevated point in the chart, the focus of all eyes, ruling reputation and worldly place or status as well as career matters.

Points connected to the SR MC represent clearly visible elements of the coming year which have the potential to impact these arenas. Atropos is named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death, and is again an image of endings or possible physical mortality.

The two together, on the MC, could suggest retirement, an end to career, or the loss of worldly place or status. Add in Truth, and we have something to ponder. This allows him to project an image Ascendant of honesty, appearing authentic Truth to a portion of the populace, despite continual misrepresentations Lie regarding his status or career, to boost his reputation all MC.


So, yeah, foundational indeed. This point does not stand alone and isolated, but is part of a second Grand Cross in the SR.

There is one more Grand Cross to be considered. It is anchored by Mars at 8 Aquarius, not quite at station it will turn retro on June 25 , accompanied by asteroids Achilles at 1 Aquarius and Pandora at 9 Aquarius.

Pandora is at station, having turned retrograde on June 9 th , just four days prior. Trump lays out his North Korea Summit negotiation strategy: Moskva, again, is the Russian capital and acts as a stand-in for all things Russian, including the Mueller investigation. No one can take him seriously. Other points of note include asteroid Washingtonia at 15 Pisces conjunct Neptune at There is also a close conjunction of asteroid Whitehouse at 29 Aries with Uranus at 1 Taurus: This year, with the Singapore Summit with Kim Jong Un looming on June 12 th , by the following day he may once again be airborne, or already returned to the White House, or still in Singapore.

Astrologers disagree about where the Solar Return should be set. Some continue to use the birth location regardless of where the native resides, others plump for the current residence, and still others aver that one can travel on the date to acquire a totally different venue for the SR.

I am looking forward to next year. Thank you so much!

The Perfect Baby Name for Every Zodiac Sign |

This was so positive and uplifting and so intuitive. We are so lucky. Wishing you a blessed Festive Season. I love your readings!

Libra January 2019 - Tarot - Amazing Predictions!

Just married my twin flame less than a month ago. It's been a little bit of a challenge, not going to lie. We are both seeking couples counseling to get our union off to a good start.

It's true of having to let go of lifetimes of patterns. I am eager to let that go. We will see how things go with this one! Lol I'm in a good place as a single but I'm ready for Love! Trying to out past hurt behind me for good! And finally get to have someone that truly wants to Love me for the Beautiful person I am! Beautiful reading definitely resonated with my life.

I am crying when I watched this! I was thinking about to detach what drain out my potential! So next year is going to be awesome!

Predictions for 2018 by Renowned Puerto Rican Astrologer and Psychic Walter Mercado

I've had three tarot readings and all three have the Sun and the Fool in them. I also have "felt" that I am clearing ancestral karma. It sucks to be going through that I have for the past five years, although my life was never easy, but the past five years have been THE hardest years of my life in health, finances, relationships.

However, I feel that I am finally breaking through and coming out the other side of the tunnel better than ever!

I have been in an "on again, off again" relationship with someone for the past 17 years and I finally broke it off for good in September. I am not looking for a relationship at the moment, but if someone happens to appear out of nowhere, I'm not going to say no either!

I have been feeling like more men are looking at me lately and getting compliments every day. I have lost a lot of weight and that has given me the desire to wear make up again, and to do my hair again, and to dress differently. I was laughing today when I went to the supermarket and the deli lady called me "Miss" several times and at the end of me getting what I needed she threw in a "young lady" for good measure!

I was tickled pink! I have not been called Miss in a loooong time! But I am really looking younger than my years lately, my confidence is back and it shows! So I am hoping that all the other areas of my life follow the good path that my health and my looks are taking.

It sounds like they are from your reading. Thank you for a lovely reading. I liked and subscribed! This reading truly resonated with my current energy. My Ex is a Sagitarian male, which whom I'm no longer in contact with. We had multiple toxic endings over a four year span. I believe he was a twin flame, put in my path for universal lessons, and awakening of some sort.