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Stay strong as complications may bother you and your relationship, as per Pisces Horoscope 2019
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The 5th March is St Piran's Day, one of three saints who vie for the honour of being the patron saint of Cornwall It's the 1st of March and people of Welsh descent all over the world will be celebrating St. Oswald, late Archbishop of York is the only saint whose festival only occurs in a Leap Year The name Shrove Tuesday comes from the Roman Catholic practise of confessing sins Imbolc is the time of year when Pagan folk begin to look forward to spring, St Brigid's day and Candlemas The 22nd of January sees us raising a glass to a very special saint; St Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers In the West we tend to think of knives as utilitarian objects with little spiritual value outside the world of neo-paganism and Wicca.

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May 15th - Corsa dei Ceri. April 11th - Candle. April 10th Mahavir Jayanti.

Daily Planetary Overview

April 9th - Palm Sunday. April 5th - Rama Navami. April 1st - Lazarus Saturday. March 28th - Nyepi Day. March 20th - Nowruz.

March 16th - Oranges and Lemons Day. March 15th - Falles. March 13th - Holi. March 3rd - Noche de Brujas. March 1st - Martisor. January 28th Chinese New Year. January 14th and 15th Straw Bear. January - Rendlesham Forest Incident. January 6th Haxey Hood. January 1st Needle and Thread Ceremony. December - Wych Elm. December 21st - Yule. November - Slender Man.

November - Monk in Statue. November 13th - Festa del Cornuto. November 5th - Lewes. August 5th - St. August 1st - Lammas. July 25th - St. The Gion Matsuri Festival. July - Dog Days. June 8th Saint Medardus. June 7th - Ramadan. May 22nd - St. May 17th - San Pascualito Muerte.

May 8th - Furry Dance. Hurrah Hurrah the 1st of May. Maypoles on the 1st May. April 23rd - St. April 21st - Cuckoo Day. April th - New Year in Nepal. Chinese New Year Stan Lee's Birthday 28th December. When you have a 30 day period of opposition from your ruler the Sun whilst its in Aquarius, it is tiring, exhausting and likely right about, NOW the last thing you need to hear is, during this period your open enemies are getting a lot of air time, So slip out of your gorgeous business suit, nice cut BTW!

Curl up with a movie and a bucket of ice cream, a book or just surf the Net. But do not feel the need to make an appearance. And you are not fooling around. Do not allow anyone to knock you off your stride.

No drama Queen mentality, okay. Of course, Thursday prior to the Full Moon tomorrow, your contacts abroad, publishers, legal eagles from administrative assistants to lawyers, professors, universities, places of higher learning, your yoga class, for instance. And an attractive yet aggressive woman from abroad acts in a rude uncivil, crass manner, not at you, but at a person who is from another social status than them.

It likely turns your stomach to hear or watch this behaviour go unchecked. Saying something in my opinion would be the correct actions. Saturday, the heat is off you and your spouse, no more domestics to report.

Have a lavish dinner out tonight, followed by an in-home massage treatment? Here is the quintessential card of joy, bliss, childlike enthusiasm. Where is your innocence? Over the next 19 months, years be a child innocent, free of concerns. Enjoy this boundless state.

O Virgo, what do say to you? How can I take away the burden you have carried low these last months? Your fleet of foot ruler, Mercury, flies through each sign of the zodiac with the alacrity of a well honed, elite athlete. But because you embrace each sign so quickly, it requires a nimble, supple, flexible mind.

Being a mutable earth sign, Virgo, you employ this skill with unmatched elegance, style and panache,all the while sporting a poker face. The kind of consciousness that absorbs the characteristics of the sign it finds itself in, is in the truest sense of the word: A shape shifter, a trickster, a magi, you old soul you!

This is crucial for you to understand, Virgo. While these arcane astrological expression sounds weird and while many modern astrologers dismiss it, categorically, this omission is at their own peril.

A horoscope only gives up her secrets, if the astrologer knows his craft.. Rarely will you encounter astrologers, Tarot readers, psychics using this terminology. Judgement rendered mute under these oppressive regime. Given a terrible wrap predictive astrologers have, in our modern western societies.

One must look at both the light and the dark. Carefully weigh the odds, count the beans in column Number 1, against those in column Number 2. Ask your Scorpio pals, especially if it is their rising sign, as Pluto continued to hit upon all their most personal areas of life.

Just out of interest, ask: What a great method actor you have become! A long drawn out piece of hypnotic proportions, giving the reader the affliction known as MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over.

Nonetheless, it made my point. In your solar house of daily routines, people who perform a service for you, doctors, lawyers, candlestick maker, ceiling wax suppliers,,, all take a decide clinical, scientific analytical approach to the services you require on a regular basis.

You prefer your meat cooked not squirming in terror at the edge of the cage! So stop your sniffling, or no porridge for you, Oliver Twist.. With the Sun in this area of life as well until February 18 , a hidden person read; Secret Enemy, sporting a black fedora, dark shades, trench coat with white sneakers while smoking a Gitane cigarette with a really long, long….

And as you make you escape out of T. The donuts leave little snowy tracks as you race from your nemesis. Good thing about the trail of sugar, cause you can follow it back and find out all the lurid details of this nere do well. Or a chronic health matter which is potentially connected to your heart is discovered, cured, rectified, thank God.

These white coated lab rat consumers, our noble medical team. Reclusion is the best solution. Despite all your exemplary work, diligence, acuity, your tremendous ability to fex the sitch, and create a brand spanking new project, or idea, or product: Just take it easy.

No running around, no cleaning, no cooking, Nothing. If you must, find an amusing sun sign column to read. And email the dumbass who wrote this schlock. Go for it, your charisma, your natural beauty, savvy snappy outfits, so contemporary, so hip,, All keep the mystic, the aura which you exude with flair that is perfect for the 21st century.

Starting today and for the next seven months, seven years you hold the rains of power. Today is the first day of your becoming victorious, successful, Grace and a leader in your field of expertise.

You have finally won the battle and put all your ducks in row…. I am constantly refreshed,invigorated by your astute, focused manner. Like the astrologer, you weigh, balance, weigh some more, the many angles again with the astrology a situation, a person can have, and just as an astrologer MUST do, you make judgements. With Venus in Aries until to 4 March , events, people, open enemies move swiftly, rushing, trouncing on people, situations, events as she is loath to do in this poor zodiacal state.

Already Venus in Aries cannot produce what is promised, but now in retrograde motion, Venus can wield a mighty hard wallop. Turning from a gentle Goddess of Love into an Avenging Warrior of destruction. Forewarned is Forearmed, right?

This is especially true Wednesday at noon. READ Gemini for these days for a further explanation of what this transit incorporates. Your solar house of creativity, your eldest child, speculative ventures, money from real estate holdings, inheritances are all topics, people who will want to present logical, cogent, scientific backed facts regarding these philosophically infused subjects, ideas.

It all flows from Saturn in Sagittarius in your solar house of short trips, communications, early education, siblings, errands, counselling, paperwork. BTW this restriction lifts by October Friday specifically is bound to bring up with the above concerns. Partners, close allies or conversely open enemies are involved.

In fact these people will add fuel to already volatile circumstances Tread very carefully. Be the consummate diplomat you truly are: Saturday, what a relief, just curl up with a good book,a glass of Chardonnay. With Moon in analytical Virgo is well disposed to uncover any daily health , matter which had evaded you.

Culminating, hopefully, with enlightenment. Let me tell you, read: NO ONE passes through this life of ours without a few bumps along the way, trip ups, crashes, or being brought low: It is NOT the bump, the crash which ought concern us or skew our imagination.

Taking over our precious consciousness, mind. The rising up, the recovering, the dusting off , the standing back up…. This is what is crucial, most important and necessary. The releasing, the letting go, THI is what is profoundly Soul provoking, cooking, evolving. When someone thieves from you, sure cut off their right arm if you want to get biblical….

Today's Astrology Overview

I prefer this solution: Discover the source, the culprit of the theft. Try and recoup if possible. Then let it all go… DO NOT spend one precious minute of your incredible life, your gift of creative force ruminating, emotionally contorting yourself, replaying the affair over and over again.

And certainly Life can be wrought with danger, betrayal, abandonment…. In order for you to rise up, like the Phoenix from the flames, to soar another epic day. Your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant?

Full tilt, straight ahead, ambitious, action oriented, willing to tackle big problems others would rush in terror, screaming from? Hmm, who would be so reckless, without concern for their own safety? Here is why I am like this…. OKAY, I admit it! My super hero fantasy. Plus… I am able to perform feats of epic proportion, saving humanity, animals, little old ladies, small children etc.

And no, no, sorry, no hero here….. Someone who, for the moment, remains hidden from your view, helps you financially.

This person is a foreigner, likely old, say over 50 years of age. Nothing worse than a financially strapped Scorpio, not to mention very unusual. Is it connected to something you have written? And now, you are contacted by legal people to discuss possible resolution. Who else could it be? Justice will be yours.

Your focus now on your profession, career, reputation. A discussion with your family, who veer towards, science, secular humanism are available, offering good suggestions. Conversations abound with those who serve you, work for you. And with regard your unique skill set.

Saturday, looks like a wonderful moment to spend time with friends, romanticize about things you want to accomplish with your creative verve. Today is ideal for you to dream, reflect and imagine your future. A nobleman looks out from his parapet. Gazing at all he owns. His fecund land rife with crops. Our nobleman looks out on the ocean.

Clasped in one hand is a glass globe of the earth. In the other, he holds a magical Wand. Out the top, along the shaft of this wondrous living thing sprouts greenery and blossoms flourish. His creative zeal, in constant, robust activity, from which ideas, projects, work for his citizenry abounds.

Look deep into the heart of this successful person. I defy you to find one shred of greed, avarice or debauchery. A leader, a true hero, a noble soul working everyday in everyway to make life better, for all. Much like you, Sagittarius….. I received quite a few comments from Sages last week.

My Moon is in Sagittarius. I can relate to what Sage has been going through. Considered a harsh transit, Pluto, no fun as anyone who has been through a Pluto impact on their horoscope will tell you. It went over my ascendant ostensibly hitting all the major house cusps.

At 63 years of age and today, is my birthday, I say that Saturn in Sagittarius has been, hands down the worst transit, ever. It almost killed me. With respect and deep solidarity for my fellow Sagittarians, I say: But more importantly, Sagittarius, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future.

Conducive vibes in your hood are promised while the Sun remains in your house of short trips, errand, siblings, calls, communication to February 18, Naturally this is off putting.

Are there disagreements with spending concerning your children? If yes, take a breath, step away, especially today. The planets are not in an agreeable mode.

Over the next 30 days or so, your creative heart beats like a big bass drum. Express how life, love, work, prayer, art, literature is for you. With Venus accompanying Mars in your solar house of children, money from real estate, inheritances, speculative ventures, Fight the urge to spend the whole ball of wax on all the above mentioned people, places or events.

Look to foreign climes, people from abroad, publisher. You discover a real cool older person in your hood, Thursday. Perhaps walking the dog, shopping for baby clothes, or perusing the new arrivals at your favourite second hand book store.

Wherever it takes, the seed is planted and root spring forth. First, they melt the ice by complimenting you on your eldest child, or your beloved pet or a creative project you simply cannot stop raving on about. By the time the yardarm strikes noon so ensconced in your conversation, the afternoon has slipped by. A little social meetup like this, et Voila.

Mystics have been describing it all for millennia. Politics, astrology, the whole gamut. Friday as the Full Moon peaks later in the p.

Time to entertain at home. Look for a get together. Social groups, clubs are all involved. Saturday, career, your boss, professional liaisons, authorities and your public persona merge with your home, family, ancestors.

As one of the most joyful cards with respect to success in creative endeavours, business. Given the correct cards surrounding it, in love too. Pictured is a hero riding his white steed draped in a green cloak, the horse of course!

Imagine if we celebrated our internal victories: I highly recommend it. Each moment if we could just detach from the charge of emotion, the need to analyse the minutia of our lives.

Capricorn, how do you do it? I mean the surge of power, influence and dynamism swirling around you, leaving little love notes from the Gods at your every footfall. And as well, end of life issues demand your attention. Your exalted ruler, Mars in Aries, in the above described area of your solar chart, reads like the bio of a tycoon on the verge of great renown.

In the upcoming 30 days, your home is control central vis a vis the litany of planets read; activity galore occupying your homebase. Put this good use, to maximum effect by starting a useful project. You may consider a renovation under these stars. People who supply services to you: Labourers, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians.

You will hear concerns, considerations which had not been understood before. The following are areas lit up by this confluence of celestial action: Partnerships of all sorts, sizes and complexions.

First there is a loving, peaceful conversation regarding home affairs. From elder care to repainting the basement. No matter what the topic, remember you heard it here first. This erupts and the game is on. Your partner is snubbed. While neighbours drop a nebulous request. Praise be to God! Mercury in your personal house of finances, cash, jewellery, designers outfits,shoes, purses, suits or running shoes, briefcases and so on are highlighted over the next 3 weeks.

Please can someone let me know exactly when intelligence, informed opinions by trained articulate people become a detriment?

Something to be ashamed of, repudiated and scorned? Please explain it to me!

Horoscopes, Astrology, Psychic Readings, Free Horoscope

Business associate, best friend. Or an open enemies pocket book balance is revealed. Seek out the best professional advice you can afford.

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Especially if your marital partner is under water. Saturday the heat is off. You look to the following: Higher learning, professors, lawyers, foreigners, educated people of merit and accomplishment.

If love is not your ken, a major decision requires you search your Soul. Look into your heart. You must choose between the profound or the profane? I mean the answer, to my way of thinking is pretty darned obvious. I guess we just witnessed this exact question being answered.

The former was picked for Prez. I guess every epoch has its quota of fools that Fate deems necessary to paraded out in public. We share the same air, water, earth, fire. You must make a decision. Door number One or Door number Two? Aquarius how is birthday month treating you so far?

Not things we are told we need. It has been a weird couple of years. I mean normally Aquarians have a coterie of people they share their eccentric point of view with, or establish a pocket protector club, or have a patent pending on their new eyeglass cleaning unit.

Point being, they normally have friends.

Pisces Love And Relationship Horoscope 2019

But with Saturn in Sagittarius, this whole area of life has been scorched. Even if, only ever so lightly. Activity, action, flux is apparent in your solar house of entertainment, children, money from secured investments, inheritances. And of course, your creative genius. Your locale, your hood to coin the vernacular of the day. See I too can sound hip,too.

Short trips, errands, communications are at a frenzied pitch for the next month. As well a female neighbor is on the warpath. Do not engage in any kind of exchange likely fraught with traps, snags and faux pas.

First, you will not win. Second, you will both be neighbors come the next day. So do not provoke or react. Thus, rendering a definitive directive impossible. You will have to play this one out on your own. Sorry no advice here. Yo dude, it means you have 3 weeks to figure out what needs be done.

Yes, exactly like the Force from Star Wars. Money matter remain an elusive chimera for you right into It makes sense to speak to a financial advisor. There is a powerful, dark force working behind the scenes.

Obscured from your purview. Trust me when I say, screwing with the powers that be, is a dangerous game. Wednesday, look to those who offer services to you. Despite an upset with a neighbor, a sibling, or through a message, or text, try to just, let it go.. Support arrives from unexpected sources.

You discover an aggressive female in your locale is playing both you and your partner off against one another. Friday at approximately Enjoy your romance and all the wonderful feelings, and trust you have i. The power of the full moon to draw lovers out across the globe is legendary.

Display your emotional range. Be the Lovers in the Tarot, choose the profound. Good news, your partners finances are in pretty good shape. Take a page from their playbook. The Aces are in a league of their own.

What lies behind the Ace of Pentacles?